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no serial output when using cdk/ncurses with Fbsplash

From: daggs
Subject: no serial output when using cdk/ncurses with Fbsplash
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2015 12:32:07 +0200


I have a usb image that boots something called Fbsplash (see: 
this requires booting the system with uvesa enabled.
part of our gui I cdk based and the usb prints the output to both the screen 
and serial port for saving.

if I disable uvesa, I see all the outputs on both the screen and the serial 
port but if I enable it, I'm missing outputs on serial when we use cdk.
I've looked into the code of cdk and saw it is done in ncurses, looking at 
ncurses's code didn't labeled out anything special.

my only hunch is that ncurses writes directly into the vga buffer when not 
using uvesa. is that correct?
when using uvesa, where does ncurses writes to?



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