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Ada binding, need to ramble a bit

From: Patrick
Subject: Ada binding, need to ramble a bit
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2014 22:02:50 -0400
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Hi Everyone

I hope that this email won't upset anyone, I am so grateful for the help I have received here......

I don't really need to use Ada right now but I do like the language. I have read vast amounts of Ada books yet I have hardly typed it and I fall on my face with simple things still. I thought for fun I would type of an Ada ncurses program to practice Ada.

I figured out the include flag I needed on my own and I have a super trivial program written but I am falling on my face over how to use Get(). My calls match the generated documentation.

That's not really important, the thing that I want to post about is I am wondering if anyone is using this binding so could download and study code.

Also, if there is no free software project available, would it be okay to open a discussion about how to make the binding more approachable ?

It looks like ncurses is about 33K lines of code and the Ada binding to it is 24K. Ada is still well liked but hopefully it's fair to say that it's best days are behind it.

I don't have much free time and it would take me a long-long time to do this but would it be logical to cut the binding down? A mini-me Ada binding that offered only core functionality would be easier to document and easier to study.

There are lots of C ncurses program examples, I could try to port these to Ada. If I kept a running total, I might be able to give a real world example of each subprogram offered in the binding and an example of all the key core types as well. As-is, it's pretty hard to get started with. Other Ada bindings are similar, Ada Gtk is a nightmare.

I have had a rough past few weeks, I am exhausted out and not at my best, hope I didn't upset anyone with this-Patrick

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