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how to tell ncurses to repaint buffer

From: Oliver
Subject: how to tell ncurses to repaint buffer
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2014 13:07:57 +1200

Hi ncurses mailing list ... how do I get ncurses to repaint the whole buffer to the screen, ie not just the characters that have changed (like forcing it to do a integral frame in mpg lingo).

As a bit of background, we are using ncurses in a slightly different way than normal. I have it outputting to a char driver for a really simple LCD so we can use the ncurses menu lib to make a nice little menu interface on our embedded product. This is all working quite well atm except for what seems to be a hardware glitch where the LCD gets out of sync with the driver, we can detect this and get back in sync, but we cannot undo the trash characters written while we were out of sync. So to "fix" the screen I just want ncurses to repaint the whole buffer as though the screen is in a blank random state like when the ncurses menu process starts, is this possible ?

note this only happens very occasionally so I am not concerned about flickering effects.


Oliver Thane
Mobile Phone: +64 (0)2102401831
Email: address@hidden

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