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Re: Dialog and large selection lists

From: Michael D. Setzer II
Subject: Re: Dialog and large selection lists
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2012 21:18:48 +1000

On 14 Dec 2012 at 3:30, Peter Hansson wrote:

Date sent:      Fri, 14 Dec 2012 03:30:18 -0800 (PST)
From:   Peter Hansson <address@hidden>
Subject:        Dialog and large selection lists
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        the GNU implementation of curses" <bug-ncurses.gnu.org>

> Hi,
> I'm trying to use Dialog for some rather large selection lists (in the
> range 20-100 items). User must select one and one only of these items.
> For this purpose I'm using the menu widget.
> Some things I cannot get my head around:
> - How can I control the width of the tag within the box. It seems to
> me that if Dialog cannot fit the text (i.e. tag-text + item-text) it
> starts chopping the tag-text. This seems unnatural to me. Why not chop
> the item-text?  The tag text is the unique identifier of each line in
> the box, right?
> - Can I turn off the hotkey feature?  My selections have many, many
> choices that all start with the same letter, so the hotkey feature
> will be confusing to the user.
> - I need to add some kind of table heading. This is not a problem per
> se as I can use the menu text for that. But how do I align it with the
> contents of the menu box itself. I don't have control over the actual
> placement of the text inside the menu box and hence I cannot align the
> text a the top (the header) with what is inside.
> I hope you can assist with some good ideas on this.
> Thx.
> Peter

Perhaps I am not getting what you want, but just did a little test
using the file names in a directory as the input for the list.

echo "dialog --radiolist \"text\" 0 0 0 \\" >testdialog

for a in `ls | grep -v \ | grep -v \&`
  echo $a "select" "off" \\  >>testdialog
echo "2>result.out" >>testdialog
gedit testdialog
gedit result.out

This creates the testdialog script that contains over 500+ lines in
the directory I used. Had issues with filenames with " "'s or &'s in
them, so filtered those out. Just used select as the second text,
and set all to off.

When it runs the testdialog script, it shows all the file names, and I
can select the one I want, and the result is placed in the result.out

What form do you have the 20-100 items, and do they have
spaces or special characters.


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