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Problem with NCurses

From: mickalin
Subject: Problem with NCurses
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2012 13:25:45 -0700 (PDT)


I have installed ncurses 5.8. I have a written a ncurse app program which I
put on device.

I connect to the device using ckermit from linux server... using CONNECT cmd
etc which sort of opens a terminal...

I have two problems.

(1)It is not able to display the ncurse "gui" because the screen size is too
small. It always says this even though I resize the window manually of the
terminal running the ckermit ...I then created a small version of the
program which prints a smaller gui and it works fine (so I know that It will
work if the size of window it sees changes...). How can I get it to work so
that it will use the full screen size when window is resized? Is this some
setting in ckermit? any help much appreciated.

(2) The second problem is that my program is printing borders around each
window. However it borders appear as garbage with something like a series
'?' instead of what should be a line. Do I need to include a setting when I
am compiling the ncurses lib.

I am using the shared lib on the device ... libnc...so

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