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Problems building ncurses 5.9 on AIX 6.1 TL 4 platform

From: Jenny Poling
Subject: Problems building ncurses 5.9 on AIX 6.1 TL 4 platform
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2011 13:45:47 -0700

I have been trying to compile ncurses 5.9 on our AIX 6.1 TL 4 machine, but
having make errors

I have tried several configuration parameter list and read that someone
successful using:

./configure CC='cc -q64' AR='ar -X64'

this gets me further along but eventually produces an error and with these
same configuration parameters I have attached the config.log,
config.status,include/ncurses_cfg.h and make output. I didn't find
(See attached file: AIXncurses.tar.gz)

I prefer to use IBM XL C/C++ compilers(version but if GNU gcc is
the preferred method I am willing to switch.
 I have tried some configuration parameters such as
./configure CC='gcc -maix64' AR='ar -X64' --prefix=/usr/local
which was not successful in the make build using gcc version  4.2.0-3

From: http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-ncurses/2011-07/msg00000.html
I was reading over some of the patches in particular
ncurses-5.9-20110702.patch.gz and was wondering if it would help. If so
could you provide some instructions
Running the command:
# patch -Np1 -i ncurses-5.9-20110702.patch
produces this:

This file does not appear to be the 1.29 version--patch anyway? [no] +++
ncurses-5.9-20110702/Ada95/aclocal.m4  2011-07-02 19:51:20.000000000 +0000
Patching file Ada95/aclocal.m4 using Plan A...
patch: 3016-037 Malformed patch at line 33:  dnl

If you need any more information please let me know. I am very eager to
have ncurses 5.9 working on our AIX 6.1 system.


Jenny Poling
(office) 713-797-4660  T/L 2-695-4660
(cell) 713-582-7690

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