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Re: Trouble with CDK selection and special characters

From: TheLonelyStar
Subject: Re: Trouble with CDK selection and special characters
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2009 01:57:01 -0700 (PDT)

I have just noticed something, which might be important (and find very
If I have entries like this:

Nathan Hüsken|address@hidden

(not many spaces at one place), the problem does not appear.
It only appears when I have a lot of spaces in the entry ...

This is strange.

You can see the effect in the "viewer_ex" example bundled with cdk.
Create a directory with umlaut and losts of spaces in its name, Example:

mkdir "ü                                             berhaupt"

No open the viewer_ex example and go over that directory.
Can you confirm my problem?


TheLonelyStar wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a CDK selection box. I compiled with cdkw, ncursesw.
> I use special characters (Umlaute: ä,ö,ü).
> While an item with umlaute is selected, it is displayed correctly.
> Example:
> Nathan Hüsken                 |address@hidden
> But as soon as I move the cursor to another item, it gets corrupeted.
> Example:
> Nathan Hüsken                 ||address@hidden
> Notice that it draw 2 "|" where there should also be only one.
> Also (I can not display that here) the first | gets drawn in INVERSE mode
> (as if it was still selected).
> So it seems to me, when an item is not selected (by this I mean, the
> curser is over it), Umlaute take a different amount of space ...
> Ideas on how to solve this?
> Thanks!
> Nathan

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