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(newbie) Unable to validate install - Error opening terminal

From: Bill Klein
Subject: (newbie) Unable to validate install - Error opening terminal
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 10:55:20 -0600

First, let me state that I am certain that this is a "user error".  I am a
Windows XP person (no screams please) and have installed Cygwin - and that
seems to work fine.  I am NOT an experienced Unix or Linux user, so please
accept my apologies in advance if I have missed something obvious.

I tried installing ncurses-5.7 and have followed the instructions (using
TAR, configure, and make). According to the instructions, before I run "make
install", I should run the programs in the test directory. when I entered

I get the
 error opening terminal: cygwin

I found some online comments that some programs can't use cygwin.  I then
installed and ran from rxvt.  (I totally removed ncurses and reinstalled
from there) and still get the message but now it gives me the message for 
  terminal: xterm

I have verified that I have the directory
and that it has lots of subdirectories including

Using google, I found one note about problems with Cygwin if "C:" isn't my
local drive, but C is my local drive.

I have also entered

from both the bash and the rxvt shells and they see to find "appropriate"
term info


As I say, I am certain this is something that I have done or not done.  I
couldn't find a list for ncurses other than this one, so if this is the
wrong place to ask about this, please direct me to the correct place.

Otherwise, any help  or suggestions would be appreciated.  If you need
additional "debugging" information, please let me know.

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