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Ncurses ported to DOS

From: Blair Campbell
Subject: Ncurses ported to DOS
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 13:13:23 -0800

Hi.  I recently compiled ncurses for DJGPP and I thought maybe you'd
be interested.  I modified the terminfo entry for 'djgpp' to get it to
function properly (as far as I can tell; I've tested it with dialog).
I thought that perhaps it would also be possible to detect DJGPP in
the configure script and make some of the options I used default for
that platform, such as --disable-sigwinch, --disable-big-core,
--disable-termcap, --without-dlsym, --disable-home-terminfo, and
--with-fallbacks=pcansi-m,djgpp.  I suggest the --with-fallbacks
option because most people using programs compiled against this
library will not have terminfo installed on their system, and pcansi-m
seems to be the best monochrome term setting for DOS.  I also wrote a
gpm-compatible library that interfaces with a DOS mouse driver and
successfully linked ncurses against it without source changes.  Would
you be interested in seeing the terminfo file I used?  I noticed that
porting to DOS is on your Future Plans list.

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See ya

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