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[SOLVED] Can't Get Subwindow To Show

From: TW
Subject: [SOLVED] Can't Get Subwindow To Show
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2009 09:43:23 -0700

> Hi,
>       I'm having trouble getting a subwindow to show 
> on a window attached to a panel.
>       <snip>
>       I expect to see, on the panel with w2, a subwindow below the form 
> that's 
> on there.  Is there anything wrong with my code?  Am I not able to put a 
> subwindow 
> onto a window that has a form on it? I've tried other subwindow code on the 
> web 
> and they all work.  Thanks.

        I solved it.  I have a makefile for this program.  For some reason, I 
to do a make clean and rebuild the program in order for changes to my subwindow 
be seen.  If anyone has experienced this problem, I'd be interested to know why 
rerunning a makefile doesn't just update the subwindow like all of the other 
do without running a clean command.  Thanks.

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