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about terminfo and xterm

From: chinlu chinawa
Subject: about terminfo and xterm
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 16:31:41 +0100 (BST)

Hello Thomas,

I wanted to ask you if there is any function which
allows me to get rgb compontents out of the original
terminal's color pair while using terminfo?

I've seen there's one for ncurses, which is
`color_content', and also (in the same file,
base/lib_color.c) have seen `default_fg' and
`default_bg', though I haven't tried to see whether
they work when not using it (there is a
NCURSES_EXT_FUNCS clobbering them)

Another question I've willing to ask is about xterm,
there is a control sequence which allows to set/unset
a X property. It says this:

Ps = 3  -> Set X property on top-level window. Pt
           should be in the form "prop=value", or just
           "prop" to delete the property

Can you put me an example of such a property? I don't
seem to be able to match it with anything I've read
within the xlib manual or what I've tested.


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