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nsterm-16color problem (was: ncurses-5.5-20060218.patch.gz)

From: Alain Bench
Subject: nsterm-16color problem (was: ncurses-5.5-20060218.patch.gz)
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 16:55:22 +0100 (CET)
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Hi Thomas!

 On Saturday, February 18, 2006 at 20:38:13 -0500, Thomas E. Dickey wrote:

> 20060218      + add nsterm-16color entry -TD

    Unfortunately a little confusion and use= mismatch broke things,
like ACS, status line, and F1-F4. Comparing the desired updated entry to
this nsterm-16color:

| comparing nsterm-c-s-acs.custom to nsterm-16color.
|     comparing booleans.
|       hs: T:F.
|     comparing numbers.
|       ncv: NULL, 37.
|       wsl: 50, NULL.
|     comparing strings.
|       acsc: '``aaffggjjkkllmmnnooppqqrrssttuuvvwwxxyyzz{{||}}~~', 
|       dsl: '\E]2;\007', NULL.
|       fsl: '^G', NULL.
|       kf1: '\EOP', '\E[11~'.
|       kf2: '\EOQ', '\E[12~'.
|       kf3: '\EOR', '\E[13~'.
|       kf4: '\EOS', '\E[14~'.
|       tsl: '\E]2;', NULL.

    Attached patch tweaks nsterm-16color to simply be the 11 new special
keys, and use=nsterm-c-s-acs (itself built from various nsterm+ blocks,
one of them upstream using ibm+16color). I verified it gives exact same
values as were approved by Christian on comp.mail.mutt.

Bye!    Alain.
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