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Re: [PATCH]console:UTF-8 mode compatibility fixes

From: Alexander E. Patrakov
Subject: Re: [PATCH]console:UTF-8 mode compatibility fixes
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 10:42:38 +0500
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I wrote:

Adam Tla/lka wrote:

Changed console behaviour so in UTF-8 mode vt100 alternate character
sequences work as described in terminfo/termcap linux terminal definition. Programs can use vt100 control seqences - smacs, rmacs and acsc characters in UTF-8 mode in the same way as in normal mode so one definition is always
valid - current behaviour make these seqences not working in UTF-8 mode.

Doesn't work here with linux-2.6.16-rc3-mm1, ncurses-5.5.

Sorry, that my non-true statement was due to the less-than-perfect description of the patch. After patching, this produces a horizontal line:

echo -e '\x0eqqqq\x0f'

So please correct the description and the first (comment) hunk of the patch, so that it doesn't mention "smacs" and similar words with meaning that may vary, and so that it mentions the exact control codes.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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