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Can't move windows with menus (properly)

From: Bryan Christ
Subject: Can't move windows with menus (properly)
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 10:23:14 -0600
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I'm having serious problems moving a window to which a menu has been posted.

First, I create a window and a subwin. Second, I create a menu. Next, I associate the window ans subwin with the menu using set_menu_win() and set_menu_sub(). Lastly, I post the menu.

When the menu is manipulated manually with REQ_UP_ITEM and REQ_DOWN_ITEM and the window is redrawn, everything works correctly. However, mouse events definitely *do not* work correctly.

When I click on an item (after moving the window) it goes to an incorrect menu_item. Basically, if I have moved the window down (y+1) the menu_driver tries to select the item above. It acts as if the "visible" portion of the menu has moved, but the internals of the menu_driver are oblivous to it. If I move a distance greater than y+height_of_menu and x+width_of_menu there is absolutely no response from menu_driver to mouse events.

I would appreciate any help on this and would be glad to give more details of the problem if I have not made it clear.

Thanks in advance,
Bryan Christ

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