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forms: set_field_type, submit button

From: Moritz Beller
Subject: forms: set_field_type, submit button
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 22:47:14 +0200


providing the user with a form to enter integers, it sometimes happens
that you want to allow a specific open-end range to be input, i.e. from
49151 to infinity, as you may wish when asking for a port number (as we
don't want to mess up the registered ports, neither the well known
ones). Regularly, you'd expect an expression such as
set_field_type(field, TYPE_INTEGER, 0, 1024); to work, but in this case,
since we exceed the range of signed integer anyway, ncurses' current
set_fiel_type isn't much of a help.

My second question is regarding a form, the user has just filled out.
I'd like to have an OK button beyond the fields so that the user has to
actually leave the last field in order to proceed, which sets the
field's buffer to the correct value. How'd you achieve such a button?
Feel free to mail your own ideas, if you disagree with the OP's submit
button suggestion.

Thanks in advance
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