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Re: Problem with fallbacks in ncurses 5.4

From: DervishD
Subject: Re: Problem with fallbacks in ncurses 5.4
Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2005 21:53:26 +0200
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    Hi Thomas :)

    Thanks for your answer. I've been working this weekend and I
didn't have time for answering your message until now, sorry.

 * Thomas Dickey <address@hidden> dixit:
> On Thu, 31 Mar 2005, DervishD wrote:
> >   What I want is to build a library without a database, just with a
> >couple of fallback entries (linux and maybe vt100), but I cannot
> >because if I specify '--without-database' and
> >'--with-fallbacks=linux,vt100' compilation fails, since 'MKfallbacks'
> >needs infocmp to build the fallbacks!
> yes - you need an executable for infocmp to build this.  It's mentioned
> in this paragraph in the INSTALL file:

    Yes, I know, I read the INSTALL file, but I assumed that the
mentioned 'infocmp' didn't have to be present in the building
environment, that it will be compiled and then used. Obviously I
didn't understand correctly, sorry O:)

> Normally fallbacks are used for embedded systems, and those generally do
> not have development environments.  So that is not often a problem.  You
> need infocmp because the fallbacks are built into the ncurses library,
> which is built before infocmp (because infocmp is built using the ncurses
> library).

    So, my only choice is to build a 'normal' (so to say) ncurses,
install it and, after that, building a 'non-database' ncurses library
using the recently installed 'infocmp' and database, am I wrong?

    Thanks a lot again for taking interest in my problem :)

    Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

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