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ugly tinfo ABI problem

From: Stanislav Ievlev
Subject: ugly tinfo ABI problem
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 13:15:01 +0300

In current snapshot libtinfo and libtinfow are binary incompatible,
because structures "screen" and "SLK" use NCURSES_CH_T type.

In our distribution (ALT Linux) we are using scheme with separate tinfo as a
replacement of libtermcap (shared library ncurses + shared library tinfo).
So we have an applications that use libtinfo library only.

So in unicode enviroment we will have two version of tinfo library. Some
of applications will be linked with libtinfow, and others with libtinfo.

We supports both unicode and non-unicode enviroments, so we will have a big

Why "terminal information" library depends on build type: widechar or
"libtinfo" must be a replacement of "libtermcap",but it will not be such
replacement until ABI problem above exist.

Could you fix it?

With best regards
Stanislav Ievlev

ALT Linux Team.

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