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Bug for cross compilation on arm

From: Alexandre Campo
Subject: Bug for cross compilation on arm
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 16:16:23 +0100


I would like to bring your attention to some difficulties encountered
while trying to cross compile ncurses to arm plateform.

The programs named make_hash and make_keys, located in ./ncurses
couldn't be run during the compilation of the program (after ./configure
and during make) because they were also cross compiled. This is not
a big deal, the solution was to set properly the environment variable

Since I have specified to the script configure that I wanted to cross
compile ncurses (option --host=arm), there is no reason for it to rely only on 
the cross
compilers, and it should be able to detect also the local compiler.
And set itself the BUILD_CC variable properly. 

Thank you and cheers,
Alexandre Campo.

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