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Re: Problem installing ncurses 5.4

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: Re: Problem installing ncurses 5.4
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 17:30:57 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 24 Nov 2004, Pierre wrote:

installing ../lib/libncurses.la as /usr/lib/libncurses.la
cd ../lib; /usr/local/bin/libtool --mode=install /usr/local/bin/install -c libncurses.la /usr/lib /usr/local/bin/install -c .libs/libncurses.so.5.0.4 /usr/lib/libncurses.so.5.0.4 (cd /usr/lib && rm -f libncurses.so.5 && ln -s libncurses.so.5.0.4 libncurses.so.5) (cd /usr/lib && rm -f libncurses.so && ln -s libncurses.so.5.0.4 libncurses.so) /usr/local/bin/sed: relocation error: /usr/lib/libncurses.so.5: undefined symbol: TABSIZE
/usr/local/bin/install -c .libs/i /usr/lib/
/usr/local/bin/install: cannot stat `.libs/i': No such file or directory
make[1]: *** [install] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/tmp/ncurses-5.4/ncurses'
make: *** [install] Error 2

hmm - other than seeing that it's attempting to use libtool, I can't tell
much about it.  (The ".libs/i" is definitely an error, but whether libtool
or some other cause, I cannot say).  Perhaps seeing the config.status and
config.log would help.

Thomas E. Dickey

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