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From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: cdk-4.9.11-20040831
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 21:18:01 -0400
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I've put a new version of Cdk on my ftp site.


2004/08/31 - T.E.Dickey <address@hidden>
        + add a simple compatibility header (cdk_compat.h), which can be
          put in an application's include-path when compiling old applications
          against new/old Cdk.
        + update libtool ABI to 2.0.0 since several items are added to CDKOBJS,
          as well as cleanup of slider- and scale-header templates.
        + add check for ANSI compiler, needed for example with HPUX 10.20.
        + ifdef'd out nonfunctional saveData and refreshData methods of entry
          and itemlist widgets.
        + moved functions for setting background color or attribute into
        + moved pre- and post-processing data into CDKOBJS, changing the
          functions that set those per-widget into macros using cdk_objs.c
        + modify scale and slider widgets to allow the user to directly modify
          the value by typing over it (request by Keith Outwater).
        + add slider widgets for types float, unsigned.
        + add scale widgets for types double, unsigned.
        + add script gen-scale.sh, and templates (e.g., gen-scale.c,
          gen-scale.h) to allow easy generation of scale and slider widgets of
          various types.  Use this to replace the existing CDKSCALE, CDKFSCALE,
          CDKSLIDER widgets (discussion with Keith Outwater).
        + adapt fix from dialog for porting getmaxx(), etc., to systems such
          as HPUX which do not provide these legacy definitions.
        + remove duplicate vinstall.c from examples directory.
        + modify install scripting to translate generated names in cdk_config.h
          to add "CDK_" prefix to most, reducing name-pollution.  These names
          are used to allow applications to compile against the Cdk header
          files, but are otherwise of no general interest.  In particular,
          "PACKAGE" is no longer conflicting (report by Phuah Yee Keat).
        + add earlyExit member to CDKOBJS, using this to implement a method
          for applications to specify whether the widget's exitType should
          be modified after calling checkCDKObjectBind(), and what value
          (discussion with Bernhard Walle, comparing with NetBSD variation).
        + correct logic in calendar widget for decrementing day- and
        + modify treatment of exitType field so it is only set to vESCAPE_HIT
          if an escape character was received.  Hide most of the internal
          details of exitType, making it available as an object value (but
          retaining the widget field to ease upgrading old applications).
        + implement shadow option for newCDKMarquee().
        + rewrite activateCDKMarquee(), eliminating an infinite-loop bug
          found in traverse_ex.c, as well as making it work properly with and
          without box-outline.
        + modify deleteCursesWindow() to call eraseCursesWindow(), so that
          deleting an object will also erase it, following the various manpages
          comment about removing the object from the screen (report by
          Mukovoz I.S.).
        + correct positionCDKObject() for CDKSCREEN's which do not happen to
          be the same size/shape as stdscr.
        + change layout of menus to account for parent window's origin
          since subwin() since uses absolute screen position (report by "Anna"
          w/o a return address).
        + correct off-by-one in positionCDKObject() which prevented user from
          reaching the right- and bottom-margins.
        + fix a few limits on sprintf's involving strings.
        + eliminate fixed array limit MAX_OBJECT in CDKSCREEN.
        + use CTRL() macro consistently in preference to CONTROL().
        + remove delwin(stdscr) from example programs since it is both unneeded
          and nonportable.
        + use EXIT_SUCCESS and EXIT_FAILURE consistently in example programs.
        + remove all KEY_xxx symbols which are in X/Open curses from curdefs.h
        + remove all ACS_xxx symbols from curdefs.h
        + remove all A_xxx symbols from curdefs.h
        + add/use isChar() and CharOf() macros to get rid of A_CHARTEXT usage.
        + fix menus to allow them to scroll if there are too many entries to
          fit on the screen.
        + collect most uses of touchwin/refresh into new function
        + clear background of menu windows, in case they are drawn over another
        + correct length of title in menu if more than one is placed on the
          right side of the screen.
        + add getcCDKBind() function, to which keys can be bound for simple
          translation of the inputs via getcCDKObject().  Use this in
          examples/traverse_ex.c to bind F1 to menu.
        + eliminate mapChtype() function, since it could conflict with curses'
          definitions.  Use the given key value instead, since it is always
        + use KEY_MAX in preference to MAX_BINDINGS symbol.
        + eliminate internal use of literal backspace, DEL, tab, newline and
          carriage-return constants, etc., by mapping them to KEY_BACKSPACE,
          KEY_DC, KEY_ENTER, etc., in getcCDKObject().
        + modify examples and demos to read input using getcCDKObject(), to
          solve problems with stdscr refresh overwriting the widgets.
        + modify matrix.c and menu.c to read input using getcCDKObject(), like
          all of the other widgets.
        + rewrote examples/traverse_ex.c to use menus to select the left,
          center and right widgets used for demonstrating traversal.
        + modify traversal to update object focus properly if a menu action
          removes or moves the object associated with the focus.
        + cleanup menu in traverse.c if escape character is used to cancel it.
        + move curs_set() calls out of focus/unfocus functions, into traverse.c
        + remove the SIGBUS/SIGSEGV handler, since it is redundant.
        + updated configure script (CF_ADD_CFLAGS, CF_CHECK_CACHE,
        + updated config.guess, config.sub
        > patches by ewigg (Ed Wigg?) for fselect.c:
        + add a range check to ensure that filename completion at the end of
          the list does not reference past the end of the list.
        + correct the value returned from filename completion (fixes in
          2002/07/27 mistook an assignment that removed the last character
          of the result - it is actually used to trim the "/", "@" or similar
          character from the displayed filename).
        + remove an unnecessary if statement.
        > patches by Phuah Yee Keat:
        + enable focus in mentry.c, radio.c
        + implement unfocus in entry.c
        + implement focus/unfocus in mentry.c, template.c
        + add setCDKRadioCurrentItem() and getCDKRadioCurrentItem().
        + improve entry.c:  When the user types until the last character, do
          not shift the cursor to one character beyond the end of the maximum
          value allowed in the field, that will create an extra '.' that will
          give the user an impression that he can still enter more characters,
          when he actually can't.
        + fix two core dumps with Solaris curses in scroll.c:
          + On solaris curses, just pressing the "down" key on a scroll list
            will coredump, on certain sizes of the scroll list.  On my
            fullscreen test, it will coredump on any number of items unless if
            the number of items is a multiple of 5.  I assume that it's because
            that under certain conditions, the togglePos actually exceeds the
            boundary at the end of the scroll bar.  Does not happen in ncurses.
          + On solaris curses, press 'G' will coredump.
            Does not happen in ncurses.
        + make wording in COPYING consistent with other fixes from 1999/05/15 
          (report by Ahmad Attia).

Thomas E. Dickey <address@hidden>

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