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No response to ESC until another keystroke

From: John O'Gorman
Subject: No response to ESC until another keystroke
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2004 16:43:32 +1200
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Hi everyone

Recent versions of Linux (Redhat 7.3 +, SuSE 9.0) seem to not respond to teh ESC key.

Runing xterm based programs (xterm, konsole, kterm, gnome-terminal, etc) applications respond correctly to the ESC key the first time it is hit, but all subsequent ESC keystrokes are ignored until another keystroke is made.

vim behaves correctly in all cases. My problems show up under Informix 4GL programs (including the supplied Informix apps: dbaccess, isql, etc)

Does anyone know if this is is a curses bug - or a window manager, or a display manager problem - or a configuration isse of some sort?

I've Googled for this problem but found nothing. On other mailing lists, several respondents have confirmed the systems but have no solution.

John O'Gorman

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