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Re: Bugs in wide character API

From: Marcin 'Qrczak' Kowalczyk
Subject: Re: Bugs in wide character API
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 13:32:07 +0200

W liście z nie, 22-08-2004, godz. 18:56 -0400, Thomas Dickey napisał:

> > 2. get_wch doesn't recode a printing character from the locale encoding
> >    to Unicode if the locale is different from UTF-8 (or ISO-8859-1 when
> >    no recoding is needed).
> I'm not sure why:  ncurses doesn't use any logic specific to UTF-8 for
> that function.

lib_get_wch.c contains this fragment:

    if ((is8bits(value) && isprint(value))
        || (SP->_legacy_coding && (value >= 160))) {
         * FIXME: is there a case with multibyte strings where the
         * bytes after the first could be printable?
        if (count != 0) {
            code = ERR;

I don't fully understand this condition, but it is entered in the case
of encodings like ISO-8859-2, which leaves value encoded in ISO-8859-2,
later returned as wint_t.

BTW, why macros above prefer HAVE_MBTOWC to HAVE_MBRTOWC? I think it
should try reentrant functions first.

> At the moment I can't really see why the get_wstr should have used win_t*,
> since (unlike get_wch) the result shouldn't have to represent negative
> values.  Assuming there's no good reason, there's still portability of
> applications - and I don't see any good reason to make programs that
> can't port to Tru64 curses.  If the types are the same size, then an
> (admittedly annoying) cast is all that's needed.

wint_t is generally never used to represent characters in strings.
It exists solely for the possibility of encoding WEOF as distinct from
valid values of wchar_t.

Anyway, ncurses performs pointer arithmetic on this value cast to
wchar_t *. So I cast it to void * to avoid a warning in either case.

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