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looking for standards/organiz. advice

From: glittlefield
Subject: looking for standards/organiz. advice
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 10:45:44 -0400

Please forgive my newness:

I have long been curious about how one learns how to format (for lack of a better term) a project
in the way so many projects of ncurse's nature are.  

To give some examples:  the ANNOUNCE/README/TO-DO files, the directory structure, the
make files, tar/gzip usage, etc.

Is all this the product of the tools that are generally used?  If so, in what kind of environment
is ncurses developed?  If not, does a resource exist that I can use to get started (like a standards

My technical skills are good, but I do not have a lot of formal training (self-taught physicist) and
in all my previous experience, I was not a junior member of a large team.  I have mostly worked
in very small groups of peers.  In other words, I never had much in the way of  rigorous organization
requirements placed upon me, even though a couple of my projects, including the current one,
are fairly large.

I would like to eventually contribute to the gnu/open-source world, but I feel I must get up to
speed on things like this before I could do so effectively.

I was far more adept in the Unix environment back when I was in school, but I still have retained
a good bit of it, so anyone who chooses to respond needn't start totally from scratch and while
I would appreciate as much information as I could get, I know time is valuable.  If I could at least
be pointed to a few places to start, I would be grateful.


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