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ncurses under sshd

From: Jim Gifford
Subject: ncurses under sshd
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 2004 01:20:03 -0700
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Question: When I run make menuconfig on a k6-3 built system that uses ncurses, everything looks ok, but when I run on a pentium 2 built system, it doesn't display properly.(I used make menuconfig from the linux kernel, because I can always get the display problem) So that make me think it's a ncurses issue, but correct me if I'm wrong. I have attached screens shots so you can see the difference.

System LFS unstable 6.0 both machines using GCC 3.4.1, ncurses update to 724 patch.

I'm not subscribed to the list please send response to address@hidden

Jim Gifford

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