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Re: build fails of ncurses-5.3 with patches up to ncurses-5.3-20031025.p

From: Wolcott, Ken (MED, Compuware)
Subject: Re: build fails of ncurses-5.3 with patches up to ncurses-5.3-20031025.patch.gz
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 16:22:30 -0600
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On Thursday 30 October 2003 16:02, Thomas Dickey wrote:
> On Thu, 30 Oct 2003, Wolcott, Ken (MED, Compuware) wrote:
> > Hi;
> >
> >   Attempting to build an arm9 native ncurses-5.3 (patched up to
> > ncurses-5.3-20031025.patch.gz) fails.  The cross compiler environment was
> > created using Dan Kegel's crosstool (http://www.kegel.com/crosstool/). 
> > The failure occurs when trying to build ada examples (?).  The bzip2'd
> > output file is attached, along with the script used to initiate the
> > ncurses-5.3 build.
> The Ada95 code doesn't build in a separate directory (--srcdir). It's not
> a cross compiler issue.
> >   The tail end of the build:
> >
> > ***************************************
> > ...
> > gcc -c -I./ -I../../../ncurses-5.3/Ada95/samples -I../src
> > -I../../../ncurses-5.3/Ada95/samples/../src -O3 -gnatpn
> > -I../../../ncurses-5.3/Ada95/samples -I- .
> > ./../../ncurses-5.3/Ada95/samples/sample.adb

Hi Thomas;

  Thank you very much for your reply.

  I don't need the ada language support, so I turned that off by using 
"--without-ada".  Apparently ncurses built successfully without ada support.  
However, I am unable to build gdb because I don't have an arm9 termcap.  I 
was hoping that this would be provided by ncurses, but it seems that there is 
only terminfo support.

  Please advise.

Ken Wolcott

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