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Re: cross-compiling, gcc-3.3, and --with-build-cc

From: Dan Kegel
Subject: Re: cross-compiling, gcc-3.3, and --with-build-cc
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 01:36:38 -0700
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Dan Kegel wrote:
ncurses-5.3 seems to be smart about not using strstream,
but this fails when you specify a cross-compiler with --build-cc ...
I gather the "right" way to configure ncurses is to override CC and HOSTCC
on the commandline, and ignore the --with-build-cc option.

I posted too quickly, apologies.
The following script seems to successfully configure and cross-compile
ncurses-5.3 with my local gcc-3.3.1 crosstoolchain:

------------------ snip ----------------


# Fetch ncurses and rollup patch (patch needed to cross-compile!), unpack, patch
wget -c ftp://invisible-island.net/ncurses/ncurses-5.3.tar.gz
wget -c ftp://invisible-island.net/ncurses/5.3/ncurses-5.3-20030719-patch.sh.bz2
tar -xzvf ncurses-5.3.tar.gz
cd ncurses-5.3
bzcat ../ncurses-5.3-20030719-patch.sh.bz2 | patch -p1
cd ..

rm -rf ncurses-demo
mkdir ncurses-demo
cd ncurses-demo

# Configure and build
# Note: in previous releases, had to specify --target.  Now it's --host for 
some reason.
# Note: do not use --with-build-cc, it doesn't interact properly with autoconf
../ncurses-5.3/configure BUILD_CC=gcc CC=${CROSS}gcc CXX=${CROSS}g++ 
AR=${CROSS}ar LD=${CROSS}ld --host=$TARGET --with-shared
make -j2

------------------ snip ----------------
- Dan

Dan Kegel

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