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Re: Cross Compiling for ARM

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: Re: Cross Compiling for ARM
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 14:09:24 -0400 (EDT)

On Tue, 26 Aug 2003 address@hidden wrote:

> Hi,
> I previosly posted about cross compiling for ARM Linux but have been asked
> to repost as apparently the email became lost.  Since originally posting I
> have successfully cross compiled ncurses 5.3 for ARM Linux but found the
> following possible bugs in the build system.

There were some bug-reports regarding cross-compiles right after 5.3
Looking at "NEWS", it appears that I incorporated the fixes with
20021214, which is part of the rollup patch.

> The other problem seemed to resolve around parts of the build written in
> Ada95 failing.  My apologies for not having more details, I didn't note
> down the error - but simply uninstalling the Ada compiler seemed to fix the
> problem and the build then ran to completion.  Has anybody else reported
> this problem, or do I just have a broken Ada95 toolchain?

Likewise, there were a couple of missing/incorrect dependencies in
Ada95/src/Makefile.in, which are fixed in 20030510.

This is what's currently in

The latest rollup patch is

Aug 23 20:58  text/plain       MD5sums  62Kb
Oct 13  2002  text/plain       README  824 bytes
Mar  8 19:22  bzip2            ncurses-5.3-20030308-patch.sh.bz2  132Kb
May 11 09:31  bzip2            ncurses-5.3-20030510-patch.sh.bz2  188Kb
Jul 20 15:51  bzip2            ncurses-5.3-20030719-patch.sh.bz2  223Kb
Jul 19 20:52  GNU Compressed   ncurses-5.3-20030719.patch.gz  45Kb
Jul 26 21:04  GNU Compressed   ncurses-5.3-20030726.patch.gz  21Kb
Aug  2 21:13  GNU Compressed   ncurses-5.3-20030802.patch.gz  3Kb
Aug  9 20:12  GNU Compressed   ncurses-5.3-20030809.patch.gz  4Kb
Aug 16 20:51  GNU Compressed   ncurses-5.3-20030816.patch.gz  2Kb
Aug 23 20:58  GNU Compressed   ncurses-5.3-20030823.patch.gz  2Kb
Dec 31  2002  GNU Compressed   patch-5.3-20021231.sh.gz  99Kb
Mar  8 19:22  sh               patch-5.3-20030308.sh  231Kb
May 11 09:31  sh               patch-5.3-20030510.sh  319Kb
Jul 20 15:50  sh               patch-5.3-20030719.sh  386Kb

T.E.Dickey <address@hidden>

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