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QNX TERM_* Function interface layer

From: Rick Niles
Subject: QNX TERM_* Function interface layer
Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 16:50:14 -0400
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I wrote the basics of a compatibility layer for QNX 4.x TERM_* functions (it was a precursor to having a proper Curses). It's far from a complete API of all the TERM_ functionality, but I thought others might find it useful. It has all the basic functions that the application I ported needed.

Do you have a "contrib" section where you could add this? It seems to0 small and specialized to distribute on it's own.

I can honestly say I didn't see the QNX code to implement it. In fact, I didn't have a QNX 4 system or even a QNX 4 manual. I wrote this based only on screen shots and code that called it. However, I didn't have to modify one line of the original code that called it (because I wasn't allow to).

You can find a complete list of functions at:

If you think it's not worth including that's fine too. :)

        Rick Niles.

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