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Re: Question: Multiple terminal remote access

From: Rick Niles
Subject: Re: Question: Multiple terminal remote access
Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 14:54:03 -0400
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Thanks for all the feedback on "screen". I used it for years, but haven't for at least ten, so I just forgot all about it. It's definitely the right answer.

   Rick Niles.

Dan Nelson wrote:

In the last episode (May 12), Rick Niles said:
I have a NCurses application running in shed out on a airport runway. I would like to view the screen that displaying currently from the
comfort of a airport office via telnet.  Obviously, if this was
started remotely, I could check on it.  However, it's something we
plan to run for weeks to months at a time, so we don't really want to
start it remotely.  Also, there's advantages of having it display
inside the shed as well.

We use to use QNX which had this command "ditto".  It would allow you
to temporarily take control of a particular console tty and the then
release it when you're done with it.  That way you could "see" the
screen from another location and even make changes, and then release
it.  It seems quite useful for this application.

Take a look at screen ( http://www.gnu.org/software/screen/screen.html ). That lets you create a session that can be attached and detached from
as many terminals as you want.  It has its own ANSI terminal emulator
on the backend and uses curses on the frontend, so you can attach any
terminal type to a screen session and the screen will send the
appropriate escape sequences.  Detach all the terminals, and the
session will run headless until you reattach to it.

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