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RE: Unselect Menu Cursor?

From: Jürgen Pfeifer
Subject: RE: Unselect Menu Cursor?
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 00:47:20 +0200

> > Can a menu's cursor turned off momentarily? I have two 
> menus on the same
> > screen and would like only one to have a cursor at any given time.
> I'm not sure what you're asking:  there's only one text 
> cursor on the screen,
> and that generally displays at the last-updated location (or 
> the point where a
> program is requesting input).
I guess he means the highlighting done for the current item in
a menu. With pos_menu_cursor() you can force the "physical"
cursor to be set to the selected item in the menu. But of
course if you've multiple menu's with selected items on the
screen they all stay highlighted. The only way to change this
is to write some application code that changes the highlighting
of the selected items in the non-active menus. One should use
the menu_fore(), menu_back() and menu_grey() functions for that


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