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RE: possible bug with the fields widget in forms/ncurses 5.2

From: Jürgen Pfeifer
Subject: RE: possible bug with the fields widget in forms/ncurses 5.2
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 10:11:03 +0200

> but the main reason for writing at this stage is just to 
> check if you have
> had any emails from other programmers about problems with fields ?.
Yes, but almost all of them could be reduced to errors in the users
code. And yes, there are users of menu and forms.
> and if you know of any projects that use the forms library 
> (fields), so
> that i can see how they use the library  (and test their program on my
> machine to see if i get similar faults).
Not public ones.

> if i can make example code that faults, then i'll send it to 
> you. but at
> the moment, the problem is so intermittent, it's really not 
> worth emailing
> you anything, or going into large details. 
> it could be me.
Most probably ;-)
> i can send you my project if you like.
If it produces an error, you're welcome.


P.S.: In the test directory you'll find the ncurses.c sample.
It does some basic forms stuff. In the Ada95/samples directory
you can find a sample application which does forms handling, but
you must be able to read Ada95 code.

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