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possible bug with the fields widget in forms/ncurses 5.2

From: Jason Nunn
Subject: possible bug with the fields widget in forms/ncurses 5.2
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001 16:07:53 +0930 (CST)


i think i've found a possible bug in your suite (or the problem could be
located between the keyboard and chair ;).

i'm using ncurses 5.2 (oct 2000 release). and i'm getting strange buffer
overflows... which is causing my (curses) application i am writting to go
completely banana's (ie.. "stack smacking" type banana)

it's an intermittent problem, it happens very infrequently, whenever a
"form" field is declared, displayed and used.

i'm running linux 2.4.3 with glibc 2.1.

i'm not ruling out the possibility that i'm doing the forms library
incorrectly as there are very very few examples. and i can't seem to find
an application on the net that uses forms.

but i have gone over my code with a fine tooth coomb, and can't nail where
the buffer overflow is. i never get the problem when a form is drawn (ie,
fields created, data loaded, form displayed etc). it only occurrs when the
field intercepts keys and data from stdin etc.

so, i'm scratching my head. to me, it's looking like a bug in forms

see there anyone else that has complained about this problem ?

see ya

:jason nunn

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