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From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: ncurses-5.2-20010203.patch.gz
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2001 20:28:25 -0500
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 ncurses 5.2 - patch 20010203 - T.Dickey


 Ncurses 5.2 is at

 Patches for ncurses 5.2 are in the subdirectory

        + broaden patterns used to match OS/2 EMX in configure script to cover
          variant used in newer config.guess/config.sub
        + remove changequote() calls from configure script, since this feature
          is broken in the autoconf 2.49c alpha, maintainers decline to fix.
        + remove macro callPutChar() from tty_update.c, since this is no longer
          needed (reported by Philippe Blain).
        + add a null-pointer check in tic.c to handle the case when the input
          file is really empty.  Modify the next_char() function in comp_scan.c
          to allow arbitrarily long lines, and incidentally supply a newline to
          files that do not end in a newline.  These changes improve tic's
          recovery from attempts to read binary files, e.g., its output from
          the terminfo database (reported by Bernhard Rosenkraenzer).

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