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linux terminfo, non-blinking cursor and (say) vim = bug!

From: Michael Shigorin
Subject: linux terminfo, non-blinking cursor and (say) vim = bug!
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 17:45:52 +0200 (EET)

I was suffering from overclocked cursor @120Hz refresh, so
the non-blinking cursor was especially delightful. But
with ncurses 5.0 I was a bit disappointed as some programs
(say Vim) used to reset the terminal to that ugly nervous
dash. So I tweaked the terminfo entry a bit, it's attached.
It would be better for a Real Ncurseman to check it,
since it was done half an year ago, then went happily
to backup, and I was forced to remember it only now, having
updated ncurses again...

Thank you!

WBR, Michael Shigorin

Attachment: linux-terminfo.src
Description: Tweaked terminfo entry for non-blinking cursor

Attachment: issue
Description: /etc/issue containing the exact ESC sequence I used

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