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Re: Bug building with glibc 2.2

From: Alan Eldridge
Subject: Re: Bug building with glibc 2.2
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 00:33:37 -0500
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it's *not* just ncurses. i just tonight ran into the same bug (except it was
struct fpos vs an integer type) trying to build the PalmOS emulator on Linux
with glibc-2.2 and gcc-2.95.3. looks related to glibc-2.2 on the surface.
i'll know more once i've had a chance to delve into the code and sort it
out... probably tomorrow.

On Tue, Jan 09, 2001 at 12:24:16AM -0500, dan wrote:

>> Essentially i am building a maching from the ground up and i have built
>> gcc-2.95.2, glibc-2.2 and the other necessary apps i need to compile
>> anything else, and im getting this error when i compile ncurses.
>> In file included from /usr/include/g++/iostream.h:31,
>>                  from /usr/include/g++/strstream.h:32,
>>                  from ../c++/cursesw.h:17,
>>                  from ../c++/cursesp.h:39,
>>                  from ../c++/cursesf.h:39,
>>                  from ../c++/cursesf.cc:34:
>> /usr/include/g++/streambuf.h: In method `struct streampos
>> streambuf::pubseekoff(long long int, ios::seek_dir, int = 3)':
>> /usr/include/g++/streambuf.h:362: conversion from `__off64_t' to
>> non-scalar type `streampos' requested
>> /usr/include/g++/streambuf.h: In method `struct streampos
>> streambuf::pubseekpos(_G_fpos64_t, int = 3)':
>> /usr/include/g++/streambuf.h:364: `struct streampos' used where a `long
>> long int' was expected
>> make[1]: *** [../obj_s/cursesf.o] Error 1
>> make: *** [all] Error 2
>> I saw a similar error to this in the glibc bug forums, but i saw no
>> resolution.  Are yall aware of this, and is it a bug in ncurses or glibc
>> or both.

Alan Eldridge 
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