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Ncurses compatibility

From: Alon Oz
Subject: Ncurses compatibility
Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2000 16:09:03 +0200

Hi, I need to build an ncurses package that is compatible both with
ncurses 4 and 5
Can it be done?
1. Is 5 compatible with 4? I've found that creating a symbolic link from
   lib*.so.5* to lib*.so.4* works fine on some applications
   but the question is if works for 100% or even close to it, if it
   doesn't then which applications won't work?
2. Is it possible to include the .so files from both versions without
   breaking things?

Please send me any ideas/thoughts/rejects/relevant information about

Alon Oz,
Aduva Research Team,
Mailto: address@hidden

A proud member in the Evil Linux cyberterrorist hackers (ELCH) 
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exploit codes hidden inside strongly encrypted Russian mafia pornography
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located in the Northern Mariana Islands

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