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RE: field_buffer does not return contents of field ?

From: Juergen Pfeifer
Subject: RE: field_buffer does not return contents of field ?
Date: Sat, 2 Dec 2000 18:41:10 +0100

> I wrote a form-program to scan coefficients, and it seems that
> field_buffer(FIELD*,int) does not return the current buffer-contents
> until REQ_NEXT_FIELD (tab) is processed ?
> the form looks like this:
> 0___ 0___ 0___ 0___
> 0___ 0___ 0___ 0___
> 0___ 0___ 0___ 10__
> If I tab through until the last field, enter "10" and then quit 
> the program,
> it will read "0" (the preset value for all fields) from that field.
What do you mean with "quit the program". If I quit a program I
can't read anything from it anymore (except I forced to quit with
a core dump and the read to core with gdb;-)
> Is that true and is there a way to get the current contents of a field ?
In general just tab through doesn't update the buffer (tab through
doesn't validate the field because you changed nothing, so it would
be wrong to fill the buffer which might be invalid).

It depends how you leave the form or field whether or not you have a
guaranteed validated field. One method is to send a REQ_VALIDATION
to the formdriver to validate the field and get filled the buffer.


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