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[Bug-moe] Version 1.5-pre1 of GNU Moe released

From: Antonio Diaz Diaz
Subject: [Bug-moe] Version 1.5-pre1 of GNU Moe released
Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2012 17:18:44 +0100
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Version 1.5-pre1 of GNU Moe is ready for testing here

The md5sums are:
2fdf91e5ebbb17302bbb0b9e5f1f0af0  moe-1.5-pre1.tar.gz
3849aa0171ee53885364c7c55c4ce511  moe-1.5-pre1.tar.lz

Please, test it and report any bugs you find.

GNU moe is a powerful, 8-bit clean, console text editor for ISO-8859 and ASCII character encodings, with a modeless, user-friendly interface.

The homepage is at http://www.gnu.org/software/moe/moe.html

This version is also available in lzip format. If your distro doesn't yet distribute the lzip program, you can download it from http://www.nongnu.org/lzip/lzip.html

Changes in this version:

  * The command line now accepts a column number as in
    "moe +line,column filename".

  * The short name `-B' has been assigned to the option `--no-backup'.

* The new commands "show little-endian multibyte value" and "show big-endian multibyte value" have been added.

  * The clock now shows a "." after the minutes for PM.

* Moe now removes the file before saving when "create backups" is off to avoid following links.

* "reformat paragraph" now uses as left margin the maximum of left margin and cursor column.

* "change buffer name" now rejects the names of files already being edited.

  * The new chapter "Info commands" has been added to the manual.

Antonio Diaz, GNU Moe author and maintainer.

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