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[Bug-mit-scheme] Minor issues with MIT-Scheme and Edwin in Windows 7

From: Samuel Magnusson
Subject: [Bug-mit-scheme] Minor issues with MIT-Scheme and Edwin in Windows 7
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2012 12:10:25 +0100 (BST)


I was going to use the supplied bug-report link to the savannah.gnu.org but the 
link didn't work so I resorted to this email adress. I hope it is the right 
place for the content.

I installed MIT-Scheme on Windows 7 to go through SICP and confronted the 
following minor issues, which if not peculiar to my personal system might be 
good to correct in order not to confuse newbeginners. 

1. The installation folder automatically chosen by the installation program was 
under the usual C:\Programs\. But the shortcuts installed assumed the location 
C:\local\mit-scheme, so when clicking the link it couldn't find the file 
all.com and wouldn't start. I had to move the folder or change the shortcut 
manually to get it to work.

2. More seriously, in Edwin I cannot open a source file (.scm) for editing 
using c-x c-f. The command finds the file correctly through auto-completion, so 
it should work, but when it opens the buffer it is empty. When I open the same 
file with Emacs the code is visible so it isn't anything wrong with the file. 
Also if I load the file in the REPL with (load filename) it works, and the 
definitions are loaded into the environment and can be used. But of course then 
I cannot work with the code and change it. So in effect I have no use for Edwin 
beyond the first session when creating the source-file and saving it, since I 
cannot revisit the code in another session. 

As mentioned it might be something in my windows installation or file system 
that is corrupted (I already tried reinstalling), or something I did wrong. But 
otherwise it would be nice to get it corrected. 


Samuel Magnusson

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