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Re: [Bug-mit-scheme] Bad error comment

From: Hal Abelson
Subject: Re: [Bug-mit-scheme] Bad error comment
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2010 17:58:43 -0500

I can't send mail from imail.   When I type the mail and press ctl-C, I get 

unbound variable: any-non-US-ascii-chars?

I assume this is because I'm using an old version:

  Release 7.7.90.+ || Microcode 15.1 || Runtime 15.7 || SF 4.41
  LIAR/i386 4.118  || Edwin 3.116    || SOS 1.8      || IMAIL 1.21

How do I fix this (on my CSAIL Debian machine)


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