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[Bug-mit-scheme] imail/edwin bug

From: Julie Sussman
Subject: [Bug-mit-scheme] imail/edwin bug
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 17:46:07 -0500
User-agent: IMAIL/1.21; Edwin/3.116; MIT-Scheme/7.7.90.+

In imail, I resent a message (C-u f) from my inbox, adding some text
to it before sending with C-c C-c.  I resent it again to someone else.

I did a 'g' to check new mail (because I get bcc's of my sent mail
automatically), saw two messages, and found in there  that I had done
one of the resends incorrectly.  I think I went back and forth
between the messages.  I was puzzled by the header of the
incorrect one, so I did 't' to look at the whole header.

At some point in these proceedings I got this error:

The object #[folder 61 "inbox"], passed as an argument to imail-folder->buffer, 
is not in the correct range.

At that point, although the inbox buffer was still
displayed on my screen, there was no longer an inbox buffer
known to edwin.  That is, C-x C-b showed no inbox buffer
and if I moved away from the buffer (changed to display a
different buffer) I could not return to it.

SPC o u r SPC l i f e t i m e . RET RET J u l i e RET C-c C-c g p n ESC < n C-n 
C-n C-f C-f C-f C-f C-f C-b p t C-s o DEL t o : C-s C-s C-s C-a C-x k RET C-g 
C-g t C-g t C-g C-g C-h l C-g C-g C-x b i n b SPC - s SPC DEL DEL DEL DEL C-x 
C-b C-g C-x C-b C-g C-g C-x 1 C-x C-b C-x k RET C-g C-x C-b C-x C-h l C-g C-h l 

Note: This was in my home copy of edwin, which is not the latest:

Image saved on Wednesday May 9, 2007 at 11:01:27 AM
  Release 7.7.90.+ || Microcode 14.18 || Runtime 15.7 || SF 4.41 || LIAR 4.118
  Edwin 3.116      || SOS 1.8         || IMAIL 1.21

When I work with my mail on Jerry's machine at MIT, I get

Image saved on Thursday May 14, 2009 at 5:00:19 PM
  Release 7.7.90.+ || Microcode 15.1 || Runtime 15.7 || SF 4.41
  LIAR/i386 4.118  || Edwin 3.116    || SOS 1.8      || IMAIL 1.21

I'm quite sure that similar lossage has happened in that version too
(buffer on screen that edwin thinks isn't there anymore,
and no clear reason for it to have vanished).
But I have no record of the circumstances.


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