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[Bug-mit-scheme] The loader doesn't like the C backend?

From: gjs
Subject: [Bug-mit-scheme] The loader doesn't like the C backend?
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 15:43:37 -0400
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It seems that recompiling a source file with the C backend and then
reloading it into the same session doesn't actually update the
function definitions (on a 64-bit machine, anyway).  For example:

In foo.scm, write
(define (mumble)

Then at the repl do
(cf "foo")
(load "foo")   ; Says "Loading foo.so"
(mumble) => 3

Then edit foo.scm so it says
(define (mumble)

Back to the repl,
(cf "foo")
(load "foo")   ; Says "Initialized foo.so"
(mumble) => 3  ; Not 2 !  <-- THIS IS A BUG

Funnily enough,
(pp mumble)
(define (mumble)
which means the bci file got regenerated and reloaded correctly.

GJS, channeling axch

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