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Re: "make" skips files that had build failure on next run

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: "make" skips files that had build failure on next run
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2021 17:13:45 +0200
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W. J. van der Laan writes:


> I think there is a slight bug in the build system: when a build for a
> compilation unit fails due to an error, the next time "make" is run,
> when not touching the source file in question, it skips that file:
> $ make
>   CC         ../lib/stdlib/atol.c
> atol.s:5 :Received invalid other; push___%ra
> mescc: failed: /data/src/mescc-tools/bin/M1 --LittleEndian --architecture 
> riscv64 -f ../lib/riscv64-mes/riscv64.M1 -f atol.s -o atol.o
> $ cat atol.o
> <
> :atol
> $ make
>   AR         libc+tcc.a
>   CC         ../lib/stdlib/mbstowcs.c
> $ cat
> It seems that partial output is generated, and confused for a
> successfully built file. Not a big deal when bootstrapping but it can
> lead to confusion during development.

Yes, I agree, this is less than great.  Otoh, removing partial output
upon failure (something like)

   if ! mescc ...; then
      rm -f xxx.o xxx.S

may also not be what we want?  Possibly we could do something like

    mv xxx.o xxx.o-error


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