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[bug-mdk] bugs

From: 郑炜
Subject: [bug-mdk] bugs
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 18:10:21 +0800

I'm WeiZheng. I have found two bugs that will cause program that in p.168(taocp) fail.
1.In the program, there are two undefined symbol(SIZE, START), as top of p.156 describe, "The assembler effectively inserts additional lines just before the END line...", but mixasm seems let SIZE = 0 and replace memory 0.
2.On line 71(69 in book), stament LDXN PERM,3(1:5), after it Rx ought to be negative(as author's meaning), but mixasm's compiled program will cause Rx positive then cause infinite loop.
another bug, run the gmixvm and don't load anything, just push "run"(seems infinite loop).
I'm a Chinese. So my English might be strange.|-)
For your convenience, I have attached the source code.
Best Regards

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