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[bug-mdk] MOVE timing bug

From: Radu Butnaru
Subject: [bug-mdk] MOVE timing bug
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 13:27:03 +0300

        I'd like to report what i think is a timing bug related to MOVE 
Although the info documentation reads that a MOVE instruction takes 1+F 
execution times, where F is the number of blocks to be moved, and the 
Knuth book says it takes 1+2F times (could be a translation problem, 
though i don't think so), the mixvm seems to be timing it one execution 
        My version of mixasm is 0.4.2. This is a sample file and its output:

* timebug.mixal
* Copies memory contents from 0-49 to 50-99
              ORIG 1000
              MOVE 0(50)
              END START

$ mixvm -r timebug.mix
Program loaded. Start address: 1000
Running ...
... done
Elapsed time: 12 /Total program time: 12 (Total uptime: 12)

        My expected output(last line):

Elapsed time: 62 /Total program time: 62 (Total uptime: 62)

        or, acording to TAOCP:

Elapsed time: 112 /Total program time: 112 (Total uptime: 112)

        I'm hoping this will be fixed soon, because it's annoying, especially
when you follow timings in order to increase speed. 
                                  Radu B. 

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