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Re: [PATCH] Use UTF-8 active code page for Windows host.

From: Paul Smith
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Use UTF-8 active code page for Windows host.
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2023 16:35:42 -0400
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I apologize for being incommunicado: for the last week I've been
fighting the mother of all head colds.  The only good thing I can say
about it is that it was not COVID.

I'm sort of back on my feet.

On Sat, 2023-03-25 at 23:12 +0000, Costas Argyris wrote:
> and then from README.W32 -> Building with (MinGW-)
> GCC using GNU Make:
> make -f Basic.mk
> or
> make -f Basic.mk TOOLCHAIN=gcc

This makefile environment relies on the value of the MAKE_HOST variable
being some supported value.  Since I never try to build with minGW, I
have no idea what the MAKE_HOST variable will be set to and that
probably means it's not working.  Definitely the makefiles should
behave better, rather than just silently failing to find the
configuration and failing later.

It will work if you use a GNU make built using build_w32.bat (or
anyway, it does for me).  Also, that script will copy Build.mk to
Makefile so once you run it you can just run the make executable you
just built, without needing "-f Basic.mk", if you want.

Regarding the patch:

+:: Show the resource compiler version that we found
+call %RC% --version
+if not ERRORLEVEL 1 goto Build
+echo No %RC% found.
+exit 1

Should we fail here?  Or should we build without UTF-8 support since we
don't have a resource compiler?  I think that's what the configure
version does, right?  This is up to you and Eli, I can see both sides.

+:: MSVC Resource Compile
+if "%VERBOSE%" == "Y" echo on
+call %RC% /fo %OUTDIR%\%1.%O% %1.rc
+@echo off
+goto CompileDone

For this (and the GCC version) shouldn't we be testing for failure and
failing the build if it doesn't work?

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