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make -t and directories

From: Alejandro Colomar
Subject: make -t and directories
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2023 01:54:33 +0100
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Let's say I have a build tree that has directories which are created
during build.  The build system has some linters in a `lint` target,
which touches files when it succeeds.  When I want to lint only a
specific file, it's interesting to convince make(1) to touch all files,
and then touch the source file I want to lint; a subsequent make(1)
invocation will only lint the file I want.  However, that only works
if I've created all the directories, so I need to run
`make -ij lint && make -t lint`.

Here's a small reproducer of the problem:

$ cat Makefile 
.PHONY: all
all: dir/file

.PHONY: clean
        rm -rf dir

        mkdir $@

dir/file: | dir
        echo foo > dir/file

$ ls
$ make -t
touch dir
touch dir/file
make: touch: open: dir/file: Not a directory

How about using `mkdir -p` instead of touch(1) for nonexistent files?
The effect would be the same, but it would allow such structures to
work with this feature.  I don't foresee big issues with it (I don't
imagine that some systems will depend on make -t creating regular
empty files).

What do you think?



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