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Re: OpenIndiana installation

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: OpenIndiana installation
Date: Sun, 05 Feb 2023 18:04:56 +0100

Paul Smith wrote:
> I tried to install Solaris 11 OpenIndiana from an OVA file in
> VirtualBox and I was able to get it to install but couldn't figure out
> how to install a C compiler on it.

Yes, every OS has its own type of package manager and, with it, its own
way of finding out the actual package names that one needs to install.

I hope my writeup (below) helps.


=================== Solaris 11 OpenIndiana in VirtualBox ================
OpenIndiana, a distro based on Illumos - roughly Solaris 11 compatible.


Getting started doc: http://docs.openindiana.org/handbook/getting-started/

Disk size: 16 GB
RAM size: 3 GB (with just 1.5 GB 'pkg install' runs out of RAM, with just 2 GB 
it hangs)

Run installer 'Install OpenIndiana'.

Root password: ********

Login: ******
Password: ********

Host name: ********

Eject CD/DVD. Reboot.

System > Preferences > Hardware > Power Management
  > On AC Power > Display > Put display to sleep when inactive for: Never
System > Preferences > Look and Feel > Windows
  > Behaviour > Window Selection > Select windows when the mouse moves over 
then: on


$ pkg search /usr/bin/gcc
$ pkg search /usr/bin/g++
$ pkg search /usr/include/stdio.h
$ pkg search /usr/bin/gdb
$ pkg search /usr/bin/emacs
$ pkg search /usr/bin/clang
See also https://pkg.openindiana.org/hipster/en/index.shtml

$ sudo pkg install developer/gcc-11
$ sudo pkg install system/header
$ sudo pkg install developer/debug/gdb
$ sudo pkg install editor/gnu-emacs
$ sudo pkg install developer/clang-13

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