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Make 4.3.90 RC fails 3 tests on OpenBSD 7.1 i386

From: Mike Gran
Subject: Make 4.3.90 RC fails 3 tests on OpenBSD 7.1 i386
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2022 17:25:58 -0700

Hi all-
I just happened to have an OpenBSD 7.1 i386 VM open for testing
so I gave the new Make release candidate a test.

I configured it using configure with CC=clang and no other options.

loadapi.mk.3 and loadapi.mk.7 both complain that testapi.so failed
to load.  If there is an actual testapi.so being built, I can't
find it.

output of make -f work/features/loadapi.mk.3

  work/features/loadapi.mk.3:2: File not found
  work/features/loadapi.mk.3:2: *** testapi.so: failed to load.  Stop.



And shuffle.1 has the echo lines in a different order

k, i, b, c, g, j, l, a, d, e, f, all

I know almost nothing about OpenBSD, or make's test suite, but, I
could poke it a little, if I knew what to look for.

Mike Gran

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