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notes about make docs p 3.5

From: Dmitry
Subject: notes about make docs p 3.5
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2020 20:51:51 +0300

Hello, I'm reading GNU make docs and had troubles with understanding
paragraph 3.5 .
These are some problems which I encountered:

1) make starts with a clean slate-> make starts with a clean sTate

2) It was difficult to understand how make remade makefiles without examples.
There is discussion when peoples explain me what's going on.
It'l be very good to have some examples with explanations in the docs.


3) It's absolutely unclear  this clause

> If you do not specify any makefiles to be read with ‘-f’ or ‘--file’ options, 
> make will try the default makefile names; see What Name to Give Your 
> Makefile. Unlike makefiles explicitly requested with ‘-f’ or ‘--file’ 
> options, make is not certain that these makefiles should exist. However, if a 
> default makefile does not exist but can be created by running make rules, you 
> probably want the rules to be run so that the makefile can be used.

In this discussion, the man says that this is no longer relevant.
Perhaps it must be deleted or some explanations must be added.



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